CZ5128-400 Instant Skateboard x Nike Dunk SB Low

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CZ5128-400 Instant Skateboard x Nike Dunk SB Low

Instant Skateboard x Nike Dunk SB Low and a well-known skateboard shop in Japan have jointly created a pair of dazzling and unique styles. The toe is light gray with bright white, the bright blue shoe body is decorated with a black Swoosh Logo, and the white stitching is decorated too much to the rear upper.

Nike Sneakers official correct version of the original combination of outsole Nike Downshimdter 10 needle eye breathable cushioning fast running shoes. The light upper is used, and the innovative foam brings a revolutionary rebound performance for long-distance training, a new upgrade. The partial lining design covering the toe to the middle foot, which fits the traditional foot shape from the middle foot to the heel, is designed to help you invest in quick and excellent training. The upper of fabric and synthetic material will upgrade the lightness, while the ingenious materials make the appearance breathable. The rubber outsole helps absorb shocks and provides grip that can handle a variety of grounds.

New Jordan,The Nike Air Zoom Alphafly NEXT% is made of lighter and more breathable Atomknit material. The large hook on the outside of the upper and the upper front and lower back bring a stronger sense of speed. The biggest evolution is that two Zoom air cushions are added to the forefoot of the sole, which brings more resilience with ZoomX. The aerodynamic shape remains. The hollow design of the forefoot allows the carbon configuration of the sole to be visualized and more sci-fi.