Welcome to Vox Alive, the secure and respectful online community where freedom of speech is cherished, and safety is paramount. Our platform is built on the principles of openness, respect, and community. To maintain a safe and welcoming environment for all, we have established this comprehensive Code of Conduct. By using Vox Alive, you agree to these guidelines, designed to ensure our community remains a space for free, brave, and respectful interaction.

Our Core Principles
1) Freedom of Speech: We believe in the right to express oneself freely within the boundaries of respect and safety. Our platform supports vibrant discussions, diverse opinions, and the exchange of ideas.
2) Mutual Respect: While embracing freedom of speech, we encourage a culture of mutual respect. You are free to express your opinions but do so in a manner that respects the dignity and feelings of others.
3) Safety and Security: We are committed to providing a safe platform for our users. We have zero tolerance for any behaviour or content that compromises the safety and security of our community.
4) No Senseless Deplatforming: We believe in the right to freedom of expression and that the world is a more interesting place when people of different points of view are given a safe space to express their potentially conflicting ideals and concepts. As long as these differences are expressed with a modicum of mutual respect, there is no need for senseless deplatforming or tone-policing.

Red Line Rules
To protect our community and uphold our core principles, the following red line rules are non-negotiable. Violation of these rules will result in immediate action, including but not limited to, account suspension or permanent ban.

1) No Paedophilia or Related Content: We strictly prohibit any form of paedophilia, paedophilic content, or distribution of such content. Our platform stands firmly against the exploitation or endangerment of minors.
2) No Human Trafficking: Any content, behaviour, or activity related to human trafficking is strictly forbidden. We are committed to combating exploitation and abuse.
3) No Illegal Activities: Content that promotes, facilitates, or engages in illegal activities is not allowed on our platform.

No Unauthorized Bots or Autonomous Systems
1) Prohibition of Data-Exploiting Bots: The use of bots, autonomous systems, or any form of automated software designed to exploit, harvest, or otherwise collect users' data without explicit consent is strictly prohibited.
2) Ban on Manipulative Algorithms: Vox Alive does not manipulate your feed or interactions through hidden algorithms. What you see and engage with is entirely guided by your own preferences and choices.

Guidelines for Respectful Communication
1) Disagreement vs. Disrespect: Constructive dialogue is encouraged, avoiding personal attacks, derogatory language, and any form of harassment.
2) Hate Speech: We do not tolerate hate speech of any kind. This includes content or behaviour that promotes violence or hatred against individuals or groups based on any characteristic.
3) Privacy and Consent: Respect the privacy and personal information of others. Do not share private information without consent.

Reporting and Enforcement
1) Reporting Violations: If you encounter content or behaviour that violates our Code of Conduct, please report it to our moderation team.
2) Enforcement: Our team will review reports and take appropriate action, including content removal, issuing warnings, or imposing bans for severe or repeated violations.
3) Appeals: If you believe your content was removed or your account was banned unjustly, you can appeal the decision by contacting our support team with a detailed explanation.

Vox Alive is home to the free, the brave, and those seeking a platform where they can express themselves openly and securely. Our Code of Conduct is designed to protect the freedom and safety of our community. We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to these guidelines and helping us create a respectful and secure online environment. Together, we can build a community that honours freedom of speech, promotes mutual respect, and maintains the highest standards of safety and decency for all.

Thank you for being a part of Vox Alive. Together, we can ensure Vox Alive remains a space where freedom, privacy, and genuine connections thrive.